Renewable Energy

As global demand for cleaner energy continues to rise, manufacturers of renewable technologies need a sustainable supply of high quality materials to support new growth and innovation.

We’re working with customers in three renewable segments: biomass, solar and wind. Our solutions deliver a range of functional benefits, and our customers have the confidence that all materials have been sustainably mined and processed in order to minimise environmental impact.?


We offer a range of materials, including silica and olivine, that work together to increase the efficiency of the fluidised bed bioenergy production process.?

From improving heat transfer and controlling temperatures, through to limiting NOx emissions and reducing corrosion, our products deliver significant benefits for biomass operators.?


The chemical properties of our silica solutions help to maximise energy conversion in solar panels, supporting one of the world’s cleanest sources of energy.?

The purity and consistency of our products is a vital factor in ensuring a panel’s performance.?

Our materials are also used to produce solar crucibles.?


Silica is also an essential component in the fibreglass used to manufacture wind turbines.

Utilised for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, fibreglass relies on high quality silica to maximise performance.

Renewable Energy

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